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Elena Stepanova (interview, part 3)

After talking about “Runology” and “Ephemeris” Elena and I discussed her current projects and creative process, as well as social networks, the concept of “independent musician”, and more. Ti Sci Tang: Is your music a product of mental activity or emotion? Elena Stepanova: I think it is a product of […]

Helga’s Ephemeris (interview)

“Ephemeris” is the title for both the project (i.e. Helga’s Ephemeris) and Elena’s experimental electronic suite consisting of several “movements” (musical parts). Chronologically the suite precedes the things we discussed before (see “Helga’s Runology“). Ephemeris Suite was written and recorded before “Runology” but published along with it in 2012 on a […]

Runology CD is available on Amazon.com

Helga’s Ephemeris — Runology (CD) is available on Amazon.com: — as an Audio CD — also as MP3 downloads. Listen to the full album: Helga’s Ephemeris — Runology Information about the album: — genre: electronic experimental music — instruments: theremin, synths, samples — written, recorded and mixed by Elena Stepanova (Helga’s Ephemeris).

Helga’s Ephemeris: Runology

Helga’s Ephemeris Runology is a compilation of electronic experimental tracks that were composed, recorded and produced by Elena Stepanova between 1999 and 2006. Musically it is a mixture of electronic psychedelia, sound experiments and ethnic vibes. Theremin solos, weird sound effects, sci-fi and mystery themes, eerie synthesizer voices — all […]

When The Full Moon Shines on T.E.M.S. CD compilation

Tunguska Electronic Music Society has just released a compilation titled Chernobyl Retrospective, which includes Elena Stepanova’s track, When The Full Moon Shines. Elena’s comments about the creation of the track: When The Full Moon Shines fits perfectly into the mood of the new Tunguska’s compilation. Originally I wrote this instrumental […]

Argonika’s Farewell on T.E.M.S. Ellipsis

Another sound set by Tunguska Electronic Music Society titled “Ellipsis: Tunguska.Shaman.Vimana” includes the song “Farewell” by Argonika (previously released on the “Rainbow Hunter” album, 2005). Other artists’ works are represented in the compilation, among them Max Loginov, Oleg Sirenko, and MoVoX. The sound set was compiled to release some ethno, ambient […]