[✍] Word cloud: my 2015

[✍] Word cloud: my 2015

The “word cloud” generated today on FB, perfectly sums up 2015 for me — this is how my year passed. I really like such text games. 🙂

The year was generous: lots of thoughts, ideas, music both new and old. And I was able to materialise most of them. Some things stuck, though, but it’s not forever. The shift of perspective and stuff that I planned, came into play — for better or worse.

I finished “Amber Sketches” and then started to think about my sketches of other colors — these are not only about music, but also about text.

My “Psychoactive” album is almost ready and will be released after mastering (the playlist of the same name on soundcloud will not be updated until then).

My “Auraworx” project is in progress.

Happy new 2016, and may all dreams come true!

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