[✍] Updating www.etherstrings.ru

Sometimes, to start completely redesigning the website, I need just a trifle – for example, to find an old, long-forgotten picture in my archives. I did find it, got inspired, and for this reason www.etherstrings.ru now does not even closely resemble what it was just a week ago.

The old Lensa theme is replaced by Lens, its “namesake”. This is due to the fact that Lensa is no longer supported, as the company that developed it, is closed. Also because it began to glitch, i.e. did not allow to scroll through the blog for more than the last five entries (I couldn’t fix it as well as some other things, so I did not update my blog here, limiting myself to some sketches on Facebook).

Among the things what were once planned, I have not done yet:


  • transferring my articles from my old blog, as well as from social networks

  • publishing any Argonika stories (honestly, I was really busy!)

  • and a lot more.

So, apart from music and studies, I have too much on my plate right now. 🙂 ✌🏻🎹✨✨✨

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