[✍] Theremin, ’20s: time of dreamers [2]

[✍] Theremin, ’20s: time of dreamers [2]

Following up upon my article, “Theremin, ’20s: time of dreamers [1]”, here is a fragment from the RCA brochure, “The Victor Theremin” (published about 1930).

An absolutely new unique musical instrument anyone can play.

Not a radio. Not a phonograph. Not like anything you have ever heard or seen.



Now, for the first time in the history of music, anyone, without musical knowledge or training; anyone, without even the ability to read notes; without tiresome or extended “practice”; without keys, or bow, or reed, or string, or wind — without material media of any kind— anyone with a fair sense of pitch can make beautiful music with nothing but his own two hands!

Move Your Hands in the Air … and You Make Music!

This sounds impossible … but it is a very real, a thrilling, amazing, gloriously delightful reality. To Professor Leon Theremin, distinguished young Russian scientist, the world owes a debt for his conception of the idea which has been developed into this unbelievable instrument, the Victor Theremin.

Everyone will play the Victor Theremin… beautifully!

There are few of us, very few indeed, who do not crave musical expression of some kind. Some of us sing in the morning bath… we whistle or hum at our work… unconsciously we give expression to that most universal of all loves, the love of music.

But most of us have been denied, for one reason or another, the time and opportunity to study a musical instrument. Yet… almost anyone can now play, and play beautifully, a wonderfully expressive, marvelously simple, absolutely unmechanical musical instrument!

Scientists and musicians of note and of standing have gone on record with their opinions that the Theremin may likely revolutionize the whole world of music. But now… today… this amazing instrument can give you music; music of your own making. It gives you the means of expressing yourself musically… it obliterates any feeling or regret you may have, that you did not take up, or keep up the study of music. You need not be able to read a single note to play the Victor Theremin magnificiently! You need only your hands, and the ability to “carry a tune”.

The Universal Musical Instrument

The most familiar instruments are popular because of pleasing tone and relative ease of playing. But the Theremin can rival the tones of any of them… and can do what many instruments cannot do — produce a singing melody! And it is easiest of all instruments to play!

A child… and elderly lady… a skilled musician… even a blind person… all can learn to play this incredible instrument. It is destined to be the universal musical instrument; people will play it as easily, and naturally, as they now write or walk.

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