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Helga’s Ephemeris — Dream 17 (video)

Helga’s Ephemeris — Dream 17 video is on Youtube: Music: Composed and performed by Elena Stepanova (Helga’s Ephemeris). Music instruments used for this track: Moog Etherwave theremin and sound effects. Recorded and produced by Elena Stepanova at 1000 Tracks Studio. Music genre — experimental electronic, dark ambient. Video: Filming locations: bridge […]

Helga’s Runology (interview)

Over last few days I have talked a lot with Elena Stepanova (Helga’s Ephemeris) via Skype. We discussed many things, particularly her music and her latest releases. Then I thought it would be a good idea to put some excerpts from our conversations on Elena’s web site as an interview. […]

[✍] Myspace 2013

Myspace have just relaunched. The website design is new and trendy, focussed on mobile. Other amazing things are introduced, among them a new version of iPhone/iPad application which now works as it should. But the old blogs are gone, as well as many other things musicians used to have there […]