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[✍] My dream synths ♫♬

On the picture above: Moog Theremini + AlphaSphere + Minimoog Voyager. Moog Theremini (top row, left) is the first theremin in the history of electronic music that combines the traditional non-contact method of playing with the built-in Animoog software synthesizer, pitch correction, range and scale selection and. It plays magical sounds. […]

Helga’s Ephemeris — Dream 17 (video)

Helga’s Ephemeris — Dream 17 video is on Youtube: Music: Composed and performed by Elena Stepanova (Helga’s Ephemeris). Music instruments used for this track: Moog Etherwave theremin and sound effects. Recorded and produced by Elena Stepanova at 1000 Tracks Studio. Music genre — experimental electronic, dark ambient. Video: Filming locations: bridge […]

Helga’s Ephemeris (interview)

“Ephemeris” is the title for both the project (i.e. Helga’s Ephemeris) and Elena’s experimental electronic suite consisting of several “movements” (musical parts). Chronologically the suite precedes the things we discussed before (see “Helga’s Runology“). Ephemeris Suite was written and recorded before “Runology” but published along with it in 2012 on a […]

Helga’s Runology (interview)

Over last few days I have talked a lot with Elena Stepanova (Helga’s Ephemeris) via Skype. We discussed many things, particularly her music and her latest releases. Then I thought it would be a good idea to put some excerpts from our conversations on Elena’s web site as an interview. […]

Dance With The Ghost (playlist)

My «Dance With The Ghost» set was conceived as a soundtrack for a performance planned for the theater festival. Genre: electronic experimental music, sound collages, sound art, ambient. The «Dance With The Ghost» set was released on Myspace in 2008 (Internet release only). Instruments used: Moog Etherwave (Spooky Theremin and […]

Helga’s Ephemeris: Runology

Helga’s Ephemeris Runology is a compilation of electronic experimental tracks that were composed, recorded and produced by Elena Stepanova between 1999 and 2006. Musically it is a mixture of electronic psychedelia, sound experiments and ethnic vibes. Theremin solos, weird sound effects, sci-fi and mystery themes, eerie synthesizer voices — all […]

When The Full Moon Shines on T.E.M.S. CD compilation

Tunguska Electronic Music Society has just released a compilation titled Chernobyl Retrospective, which includes Elena Stepanova’s track, When The Full Moon Shines. Elena’s comments about the creation of the track: When The Full Moon Shines fits perfectly into the mood of the new Tunguska’s compilation. Originally I wrote this instrumental […]

[✍] Theremin, ’20s: time of dreamers [2]

Following up upon my article, “Theremin, ’20s: time of dreamers [1]”, here is a fragment from the RCA brochure, “The Victor Theremin” (published about 1930). An absolutely new unique musical instrument anyone can play. Not a radio. Not a phonograph. Not like anything you have ever heard or seen. The VICTOR THEREMIN […]