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[✍] Photos from RCM Museum of Music

I hope one day I will find time to thoroughly inspect photos and videos I took in London. I mean, of course I have looked through them at least once and showed some of them to my friends. But I didn’t have time to publish some best shots on flickr.com, instagram and […]

[✍] London: Day Eight (2010) [LJ blog]

The whole week was really busy. I had classes every day, and on Saturday I had a trip to Greenwich to pick up Korg Prophecy (the way back took several hours because trains on the Jubilee Line were crawling rather than moving, and the Central Line was closed/delayed forever).

[✍] London: Day One (2010) [LJ blog]

…This is my third day in London, not the first, but these photos were taken on the day when I arrived. I live in a private house in North Acton. I rent a room on the second floor (i.e. the first floor, if you count floors the English way). I […]