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[✍] My plans for 2016

My Psychoactive project is finished. For me (and for all who participated) it was a journey into the unknown, also a certain addiction… to the music and coffee. The project codenamed [ψ+] is not finished yet. It is about texts (in particular, my correspondence with Jess) and graphics for the […]

[✍] [Psy+] Jess’ letter (2)

…our old dispute. All those wrongs shadows and abandoned paths. Worlds which are now empty. Shadows haunted. You and I talked about it many times. I still think that the price is too high. I spent a lot of my time trying to find the point where everything went wrong. […]

[✍] [Psy+] Jess’ letter (1)

…to the place of which you spoke. At first there were two suns in the sky, but soon they were gone. The orbits of the planets… I watched them drifting apart, and no fate worked here (the laws of celestial mechanics didn’t either). Starlight… in this place everything disappears, turns […]

[✍] Psychoactive II

I like to work with noises. I find that noises are the ideal tools for drawing veils. And, despite the fact that what I’m currently writing is not “Amber Sketches”, the Veil theme remains relevant.

[✍] Amber Sketches: the beginning (old skool)

The very first sketches, which later became part of the «Amber Sketches», were written in the second half of the 90s, when I studied at the Theremin Center (Moscow Conservatory). I attended Andrei Smirnov’s lectures on the history of electroacoustic music. The Theremin Center computer studio had the following equipment […]

[✍] Assemblage point: Dream 18

(Jess is an astrologer, mystic, and hippie. We have been friends for a long time. We always have something to talk about. For example, today…) … To be a seer is to see things as they are. And it’s not that hard. But it is much harder when you do […]

[✍] The writing on the wall

… Saw a sign on the wall. The writing. In a literal sense. (The wall was virtual, though.) These signs were letters, and they were formed into words. And the words were: Don’t be afraid to walk alone. Live your own dream. Put words into existence. But first of all, […]