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[✍] Soundhunters: “Zoolook Revisited”

There is currently a contest held on the soundhunters.tv website: “Zoolook Revisited” is a tribute album being produced to celebrate more than 30 years that have passed after the release of Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Zoolook” album. Six contest winners’ tracks will be included on the album along with the music of Daedelus, Luke Vibert, […]

[✍] Argonika: info

Information about Argonika is gradually being moved to this website. (I have already done the same on Facebook by merging Argonika’s page with my own). The reason is that I want to collect all my musical projects in one place, as it is tedious to maintain multiple websites. Argonika was […]

[✍] Psychoactive II

I like to work with noises. I find that noises are the ideal tools for drawing veils. And, despite the fact that what I’m currently writing is not “Amber Sketches”, the Veil theme remains relevant.

[✍] Amber Sketches: the beginning (old skool)

The very first sketches, which later became part of the «Amber Sketches», were written in the second half of the 90s, when I studied at the Theremin Center (Moscow Conservatory). I attended Andrei Smirnov’s lectures on the history of electroacoustic music. The Theremin Center computer studio had the following equipment […]

[✍] Psychoactive (Playlist Update)

My work in progress is entering a very important stage. Generic track names («Paysages Sonores number xx”) are transforming into something more definite. Some have already been transformed, and it’s time to do the same for the rest of them. Now it is clear to me how many tracks I […]

[✍] The writing on the wall

… Saw a sign on the wall. The writing. In a literal sense. (The wall was virtual, though.) These signs were letters, and they were formed into words. And the words were: Don’t be afraid to walk alone. Live your own dream. Put words into existence. But first of all, […]

[✍] Frontier Worlds: Origins (music)

Nesarg Ltd. have just released a game for smartphones and tablets, Frontier Worlds: Origins, for which I wrote music earlier this year. Watch the official trailer:   Frontier Worlds: Origins works on iOS and Android devices and is available for purchase on Apple App Store and Amazon. A free version […]

[✍] A path with heart

In the next few weeks I’m going to do the soundtrack codenamed “Auraworx”. But first I want to remind to myself about something that is relevant to the topic. From Carlos Castaneda’s “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”: A path without a heart is never enjoyable. […]