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[✍] My dream synths ♫♬

On the picture above: Moog Theremini + AlphaSphere + Minimoog Voyager. Moog Theremini (top row, left) is the first theremin in the history of electronic music that combines the traditional non-contact method of playing with the built-in Animoog software synthesizer, pitch correction, range and scale selection and. It plays magical sounds. […]

[✍] Leonardo da Vinci’s Viola Organista

This unusual instrument, a cello/piano hybrid invented by Leonardo da Vinci, finally gained material form – after more than 500 years after its invention! It happened thanks to Slawomir Zubrzycki, a Polish pianist who built this instrument using da Vinci’s sketches and notes (Codex Atlanticus, a 12-volume collection of manuscripts […]

[✍] Photos from RCM Museum of Music

I hope one day I will find time to thoroughly inspect photos and videos I took in London. I mean, of course I have looked through them at least once and showed some of them to my friends. But I didn’t have time to publish some best shots on flickr.com, instagram and […]

[✍] NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2013 (photos)

Last year’s debut of NAMM Musikmesse Russia looked really promising. Just a year passed, it’s May 2013 (same dates, actually), but I’ve got an impression that the trade fair is running out of steam. There is too much empty space within the same halls. A large part of the Forum […]

[✍] Tools of the trade

My tools of the trade: audio + MIDI sequencer: Logic Pro 9; DMC application for online music collaboration (Digital Musician Container); software synths: Arturia (Minimoog V etc.), Native Instruments (Massive etc.); hardware synths: Roland JP-8000, Korg Prophecy, theremins; iPad apps: Camel Audio Alchemy Mobile, Moog Filtatron, Korg iMS-20, Animoog (and more). Korg Prophecy […]

[✍] Theremin, ’20s: time of dreamers [2]

Following up upon my article, “Theremin, ’20s: time of dreamers [1]”, here is a fragment from the RCA brochure, “The Victor Theremin” (published about 1930). An absolutely new unique musical instrument anyone can play. Not a radio. Not a phonograph. Not like anything you have ever heard or seen. The VICTOR THEREMIN […]

[✍] Theremin, ’20s: time of dreamers [1]

While I am waiting for Moog Etherwave to arrive from the US, and I have time to relax after a recent concert at the Crocus Expo, I want to write a little bit about the history of the theremin. I came across a promotional brochure by RCA Victor — this […]