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[✍] 2015: slide to unlock

Happy New Year 2015! ♬ ♫ My plans for the coming year: to do some more «Psychoactive» and «Auraworx» sessions (and as a result, to release a new album); to restore some lost tracks and publish them; to write more storyettes (and finally the book). make this synth dream come […]

[✍] Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013!

New Moon. Sun is in Aquarius, and my friends and I are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year tonight. Here is a picture and a small reminder for myself and friends. 風水: Red is for love and transformation, Black for mystery and protection. iPad is for creativity and communication. […]

[✍] My Morning Coffee (v.2)

Made a sketch this morning while drinking coffee. Had my iPad and a stylus handy. They said in the news it starts freezing here… …and updated the picture (colour-wise) later in the afternoon.  Purple irises in a pot and a rose bush outside the window are drawn from imagination. […]

[✍] Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies is a set of cards created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975 to help solving creative problems. The deck offers “over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas”. Each card in a deck has a phrase or sentence, sometimes a cryptic one. A person in a state of impasse, […]