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Elena Stepanova (interview, part 3)

After talking about “Runology” and “Ephemeris” Elena and I discussed her current projects and creative process, as well as social networks, the concept of “independent musician”, and more. Ti Sci Tang: Is your music a product of mental activity or emotion? Elena Stepanova: I think it is a product of […]

Helga’s Ephemeris (interview)

“Ephemeris” is the title for both the project (i.e. Helga’s Ephemeris) and Elena’s experimental electronic suite consisting of several “movements” (musical parts). Chronologically the suite precedes the things we discussed before (see “Helga’s Runology“). Ephemeris Suite was written and recorded before “Runology” but published along with it in 2012 on a […]

About Argonika (an article, short version)

Argonika is a unique band. I discovered them somewhere on the web when I was searching for new music. ‘Flight Of The Spirit’ knocked me down with the drive and the energy, and ‘Priestess Of Candlelight’ sounded really out of this world. After listening to these tracks I rushed an […]