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2021-01-05 10:03:40 +0300

Now that I have finished the sequel to Priestess of Candlelight (as well as the English translation of the Book 1), I can proceed with the other tasks that are long overdue. One of them is the relaunch of the Sygma Lyrae project with Cyrus ‘Kyr’ Kyris Sethani. For this project, I am using the pen name Elins Lys (E. Lynn S. or Elins for short).

Our collaboration began in the first half of the 2010s, when Kyr was studying for a doctorate in London, and I was completing my Master of Arts course there. In 2015 we recorded the PsyPlus Suite, which was published as a joint release by Etherstrings/SygmaLyrae.proj in early 2016.

Genre: electronic music, ambient, psychedelic sound art.

The music composition workflow is the following:

  • E. Lynn S. — musical themes, textures sonores, synths, theremin
  • Cyrus ‘Kyr’ Sethani — picture2sound, guitar patterns, airsynth, airfx.

In other words, my task is to create textures and do basic composition job, while Kyr is adding guitar patterns and all other weird stuff he is so good at. But it may well be the other way round!

Originally we talked about the project as the "book + music + visuals" release.

It was implemented as follows:

The PsyPlus Book (PsyPlus: The Story of a Project, 2016, reprint 2021):
This book tells the story leading up to the creation of the PsyPlus Suite.

PsyPlus Suite (2016):

Kyr also participated in my other album, "Suite Hypnotique" (2015):

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