Release: PsyPlus Suite (2016) EP by Etherstrings/SygmaLyrae

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Release: PsyPlus Suite (2016) EP

Last November I released "Suite Hypnotique" (2015), and now it's time to release "PsyPlus Suite". You can listen to all the tracks right here, on this page, as well as go to my soundcloud page and leave your comments there (authorization will be required — for example, using your Facebook account).

PsyPlus Suite is an Etherstrings/SygmaLyrae.proj co-release.

The suite consists of two tracks and has a total playing time of 18 minutes 25 seconds.

  1. PsyPlus Suite (Alla Prima Sessions) — Playing time 9 min 25 sec
  2. 1-1. Ouverture/Mishmash — Starts at: 00:00
    1-2. Sounds Lethargic — Starts at: 02:15
    1-3. REM/Non-REM/Bad Trip — Starts at: 05:38

  3. PsyPlus Suite (Walking In The Sky Sessions) — Playing time 8 min 29 sec

Genre: experimental electronic music, psychedelic sound art / art sonore psychédélique. #electronicexperimentalmusic #psychedelicsoundart #artsonorepsychédélique


  • E. Lynn S. — synths;
  • Cyrus Kir Sethani — sound fx;
  • Artis F. — raw source drum loops, real-time loop processing and things.

Produced by Cyrus Kyris (Kir) Sethani.
Artwork by Alkemie XXI.

The recording sessions took place in March, May and September 2015.

The first track (Alla Prima Sessions) has an interesting story. We used the "alla prima" approach to music production. Alla prima is an artistic term that literally means "in one session". This means that we played live. We deliberately limited ourselves in what each of us could use — i.e. a maximum of two instruments. So Kir chose his favorite "noise machine" (Alesis AirFx coupled with a virtual effects rack); I used a software synthesizer, Arturia Jupiter-V, in addition to my hardware Korg Prophecy. As for percussion loops (and in the first track they dominate), they were taken over by our friend Artis F., a drummer/percussionist, who was entrusted with the role of Master of Loops, and he did his job perfectly (in spite of the fact that before the start of the September session he declared that he hated all virtual drums, as well as the Apple iPad). I had various pieces in the form of short audio snippets, but for the most part the first track was played and mixed live. Yet the second track (Walking In The Sky Sessions) contains a whole set of musical themes — all of us, particularly Kyris, enjoy the idea of ​​a constant shift of the focus point, and we have fully implemented this approach here.

A few more words about the history of the creation of the PsiPlus Suite:

Both suites, "Suite Hypnotique" and PsyPlus, originate in a project called "Paysages Sonores" that I started in the first half of the 2010s.

The idea behind the "sonic landscapes" was this:

Music that does not limit the imagination; music that interacts with the inner world, with the psyche; music that opens a view of parallel worlds, doing this through an endless sequence of sounds and images. Sounds, tunes, and rhythms which are unpredictable, which evolve and explore random paths, transforming them, transforming themselves at the same time, constantly changing the focus (and yet accentuating it, in a subtle way).

Very soon it became not one but two (or even more) projects that (cross)talk to each other, and the hardest thing was to actually separate them and choose which one to undertake first. Kir helped me a lot with this, undertaking to produce the PsiPlus suite. I gave him the reins with a light heart, and it was very interesting for me to see how an abstract artist would produce music!

This is how the old playlist looked like before it was sorted out and two separate albums were outlined:

PsyPlus playlist (soundcloud)

From this list, the first few tracks became "Suite Hypnotique" and the last six formed "PsyPlus". I decided to release the suites separately, since they are different in approach, thematically, and also by feeling/mood. PsyPlus has always been darker, appealing to the darker side of the psyche; however, when we recorded the first track (more precisely, what became the first track), we laughed a lot and generally had a great time!

And, to eliminate the need to scroll up, here's a PsyPlus playlist to listen to:

Plus the Suite Hypnotique playlist:

#etherstrings #sygmalyrae #soundart #electronicmusic #psychedelicsoundart #artsonorepsychedelique

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