[✍] Soundhunters: “Zoolook Revisited”

[✍] Soundhunters: “Zoolook Revisited”

There is currently a contest held on the soundhunters.tv website: “Zoolook Revisited” is a tribute album being produced to celebrate more than 30 years that have passed after the release of Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Zoolook” album. Six contest winners’ tracks will be included on the album along with the music of Daedelus, Luke Vibert, Simonne Jones and Mikael Seifu.

Jean-Michel Jarre is the head of the jury. He’s going to personally select the tracks for the album.

The soundhunters.tv project is focused on sampling the sounds of everyday life and remixes creation using these samples. The free app for iPhone/iPad is available on Appstore.

The final day of the contest is October 31, 2015. To participate you need to register and create a track using at least one sample from those submitted by Daedelus, Luke Vibert, Simonne Jones and Mikael Seifu. Free sound kits for Battery 4 and Maschine 2 are available for download on the Native Instruments website.


I have registered there — at least to break the deadlock in the “Psychoactive” sessions.

And then we’ll see. 🙂

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