[✍] Psychoactive (Playlist Update)

[✍] Psychoactive (Playlist Update)

My work in progress is entering a very important stage. Generic track names («Paysages Sonores number xx”) are transforming into something more definite. Some have already been transformed, and it’s time to do the same for the rest of them.

Now it is clear to me how many tracks I need to say “ok, this album is ready.” This step is usually the most interesting. Full of surprises etc.

Lullaby for Syme — currently only a fraction of it is posted on soundcloud (little space left, so I have to save it).

The Prophecy (That Came True) has an interesting history. Once, when I for the first time got a chance to have my hands on Korg Prophecy, I recorded a few tracks. I improvised for an hour and recorded directly to a MD, not thinking of the consequences… and I was sure that I would have access to the instrument soon (but this did not happen until 2010, i.e. until I bought my own Korg Prophecy in London). The title, The Prophecy (That Came True), I believe, speaks for itself.

Lost In Time is a collaboration track, which began as a noise sequence created on Apple iPad using Korg iMS-20 application.

OK, the current playlist is updated. You can leave comments right on the tracks if you want. 🙂

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