[✍] [Psy+] Jess’ letter (1)

…to the place of which you spoke.

At first there were two suns in the sky, but soon they were gone.

The orbits of the planets… I watched them drifting apart, and no fate worked here (the laws of celestial mechanics didn’t either).

Starlight… in this place everything disappears, turns into dust, and the dust blows tornado — so quickly that you don’t even notice. I did not think of comets — just a waste of energy.

…And I saw the memory was erased, and someone said:

The past does not exist.

What have been done before, may (or may not) apply to what you’re doing right now.

It may not be taken literally.

Then again, as you wish. We are made of starlight.

Say hello to Syme.

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