[✍] Myspace 2013

[✍] Myspace 2013

Myspace have just relaunched. The website design is new and trendy, focussed on mobile. Other amazing things are introduced, among them a new version of iPhone/iPad application which now works as it should.

But the old blogs are gone, as well as many other things musicians used to have there (i.e. previously received comments, private messages, etc.).

Videos are gone, too. Thank you, Myspace!.. 🙁

Friends are now “Connections”.

Each musician who previously had a profile on Myspace, now has to login and build a new look from scratch, because what is left after the relaunch is just a blank page. You can only transfer your audio tracks and photos from the “classic” Myspace to your new profile.

However, once the transfer is done and you made some more tweaks, the new profile looks cool on your mobile device (see the picture above).

The browser look is also good but the navigation concept is confusing. You need to scroll to the right to see “mixes”. A mix can be anything, not only audio, but also photo and news updates. Hmm…

Helgas Ephemeris Myspace June 2013 800

Ten years ago another platform, mp3.com, ceased to exist (or more precisely, it was closed for the subsequent shift from independent music to major labels). Independent musicians moved to Myspace: they could do there exactly the same what they used to do on mp3.com, i.e. upload their music, post their band’s bio, communicate with fans, and so on. In the beginning, Myspace allowed a musician to have only four tracks on their profile, but later allowed to post up to ten tracks (of course, it sounds ridiculous now, when you can host hours of your music for free on soundcloud.com). What was important at the time that Myspace offered musicians access to potential listeners, and everyone wanted to use this opportunity.

The social network flourished for some years. And then it just silently degraded to the point where you literally had to spend hours to make a single edit to your profile, or to change the design of your page, etc. As a result, people left Myspace for Facebook, Soundcloud and other places. Finally, in 2011 Myspace was sold to the new owner.

I will keep just a few tracks on Myspace. A platform that can remove virtually all your content in one fell swoop, does not inspire confidence…

If I’ll be able to restore my old Myspace blog from backups, I’ll post it here.

Helga’s Ephemeris’ video playlist on Youtube (to be updated):

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