[✍] My plans for 2016

My Psychoactive project is finished. For me (and for all who participated) it was a journey into the unknown, also a certain addiction… to the music and coffee.

The project codenamed [ψ+] is not finished yet. It is about texts (in particular, my correspondence with Jess) and graphics for the book which I want to publish simultaneously with the release of the Psychoactive album.

My plans for 2016 are the following: the main focus on Auraworx. For two or three years this project developed in parallel with the Psychoactive, but was often forced to give way for the latter, mainly because often I could not tell where Psychoactive ends, and where Auraworx begins. This is the main problem with the parallel projects.

And I want to listen to Transformed Paths right now… By the way, Mercury is Direct but still in the Post Shadow.

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