[✍] London: Day One (2010) [LJ blog]

[✍] London: Day One (2010) [LJ blog]

…This is my third day in London, not the first, but these photos were taken on the day when I arrived. I live in a private house in North Acton. I rent a room on the second floor (i.e. the first floor, if you count floors the English way). I like the house and the garden, especially the pool and flowers.

I have a student visa. The second year of my studies at the SAE Institute (for a Master Of Arts in Creative Media Practice degree) has just begun. I have a lot to learn and, among other things, I need more practice in spoken English: the next year, when I finish my MA thesis, I will have to defend it (and of course I am already nervous about it).

The weather is just wonderful — warm, and the sun is shining exactly the way it did on my first trip to London in September 2007.

London Underground is of course still full of surprises — in this sense, too, nothing has changed; England is indeed a country of traditions set in stone! 🙂 For example, on my first day I was going to go to Kensington. It was Sunday afternoon, I had just arrived, unpacked my bags and wanted to visit familiar places. This had to be done immediately, as my studies should begin the next day and I would probably have not enough time for long walks. So I went to the tube station, topped up my Oyster card, boarded a train and get off at Notting Hill Gate, to transfer to another line. Then I realized that the Circle Line was not working at all, as well as a part of District Line (and that was the part that I needed).

My destination was Gloucester Road, but I could not get there by train. So I walked from High Street Kensington… to Earl’s Court.


London Tube: Circle Line (yellow), District Line (green). I live in North Acton (Central Line, red), the station between the second and third transport zones).

On Saturday I’ll have to pick a Korg Prophecy synthesizer from a guy who lives in Greenwich. Hopefully, the London tube will work OK. 🙂

And this is a pub in North Acton I pass by on my way to the tube station:

london pub north acton cr 800

(To be continued)

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