[✍] Meditating in South Kensington (London 2007) [LJ blog]

[✍] Meditating in South Kensington (London 2007) [LJ blog]

Meditating in South Kensington is indeed easy. It takes just a Guinness and some psychedelic tapestry in the room.

This Queen’s Gate hotel where I live is not bad, really. Actually, it is quite good. You still can smoke indoors (or, rather, in your room). “Just make sure to open the window,” the reception staff told me. They even were kind enough to provide me with an ashtray.

This is my third day here, and my first trip (to London, that is). The image above must be blurred a bit, I know… Think I will be able fix it later. The telly is on but the sound is muted. And why shouldn’t it be?

My last night’s walk at the Tower Hill and London Bridge was fun but when I checked the photos in the morning, it turned out that another walk to take proper pictures is required. So in the afternoon I took my Canon 350D and went there again:

London Bridge: Day & Night (September 25, 2007)

Usually I have two cameras with me when I go walking around the new places, and after each photo session I transfer freshly taken pictures to my iPod Video, to make room for the new ones. The iPod battery discharges quite quickly during the transfer. I have been here for three days, and this equals 1.2Gb of images (not counting the videos, of course).

Earlier today I went to Hampton Court:

At Hampton Court (1) (September 25, 2007)

At Hampton Court (2) (September 25, 2007)

More pictures to follow… 🙂

My photo gallery “London 2007”

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