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2013-11-11 02:00:00 +0400

My Kosma Flustro Sessions are released as an EP and available for listening and ordering.

Genre: psychedelic sound art / art sonore psychedelique #psychedelicsoundart #artsonorepsychedelique

The EP consists of three tracks:

  1. Yridvea Interference Track 01 (playing time 7 min 32 s)
  2. The Prophecy (That Came True) (playing time 7 min 00 s)
  3. Yridvea Interference Track 02 (playing time 5 min 44 s)

Total playing time is 20 min 16 s.

The title, "Kosma Flustro", means "cosmic whisper" in Esperanto. The concept of the album is sound pictures of the once inhabited, but now non-existent planet of our solar system (Phaethon, or Yridvea). The music was written as an accompaniment (soundtrack) to the events mentioned in my novel "Dreams of Yridvea" (genre: science fiction).

About the history of the album creation

The first track (Yridvea Interference Track 01) has four parts:
1-1. Sunrise: Arta-Mi'si — Starts at: 00:00
1-2. Morse Code — Starts at: 02:05
1-3. Nei-Za Voices — Starts at: 04:00
1-4. Kosma Flustro (Cosmic Whisper) — Starts at: 05:55

This track has a long history. The first part, 1-1. Sunrise: Arta-Mi'si, was written in September 2005 for my concert at the Crocus exhibition centre in Moscow and was used as a soundtrack for the opening video clip (which is only partially preserved; I may later upload it to the website). Sound textures were created using the Metasynth software synthesizer. As for the title of this part, Arta-Mi'si was one of the months in the calendar of the Yridveans (inhabitants of Yridvea).

The second part (1-2. Morse Code), was played on a software synthesizer from the Koblo Studio 9000 package.

By the time the Kosma Flustro sessions began in 2008, only the two aforementioned parts of the full soundtrack of Dreams of Yridvea had survived all the twists and turns that happen now and then to digital files during hardware and software upgrades. For this reason, the other two parts, 1-3. Nei-Za Voices and 1-4. Kosma Flustro, were reassembled from scratch in 2008.

The remaining tracks that made it to the EP release (i.e. The Prophecy and Yridvea Interference Track 02) were written in late 2008 and early 2009. The second part of Yridvea Interference Track 02, completing the Phaeton theme, is the original Ephemeris Movement 2 track, which was not included in the 2012 release.

I used the following software and hardware synths for composing and recording:

  • U&I Software Metasynth, Koblo Studio 9000, Moog Animoog;
  • Native Instruments Absynth and FM8;
  • Arturia Prophet-V and Jupiter-V;
  • Roland JP-8000 and Korg Prophecy.

The Kosma Flustro Sessions EP is recommended for listening in headphones! 🎧 😎

Produced by Elena Stepanova/Etherstrings
Artwork by Alkemie XXI

Kosma Flustro Sessions (2013) EP on Soundcloud:

Update 4.3.2021: you can also listen to tracks on Youtube:

#etherstrings #soundart #electronicmusic #psychedelicsoundart #artsonorepsychedelique

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