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Andrei Tarkovsky (quotes)

Andrei Tarkovsky Sculpting in Time Art affirms all that is best in man—hope, faith, love, beauty, prayer… What he dreams of and what he hopes for… When someone who doesn’t know how to swim is thrown into the water, instinct tells his body what movements will save him. The artist, […]

[✍] Rhythm-2 (Russian vintage synth)

The photo features Rhythm-2, a vintage Russian electronic musical synthesizer. One of my good friends (his name is Vladimir) recently brought it to me to play, and I was over the moon. This model was manufactured in the 1980s. The controls include modulation, frequency, glissando, range (4 ‘8’ 16 ’32’), […]

[✍] Happy New Year 2017!

It’s a been awhile since I posted anything here. Year 2016 was a busy one for me. Most things I’ve been busy with, i.e. my studies and academic research, my electronic music, my daily work at the recording studio, etc. — all that left little time for blogging. Some dreams […]

[✍] My plans for 2016

My Psychoactive project is finished. For me (and for all who participated) it was a journey into the unknown, also a certain addiction… to the music and coffee. The project codenamed [ψ+] is not finished yet. It is about texts (in particular, my correspondence with Jess) and graphics for the […]

[✍] [Psy+] Jess’ letter (2)

…our old dispute. All those wrongs shadows and abandoned paths. Worlds which are now empty. Shadows haunted. You and I talked about it many times. I still think that the price is too high. I spent a lot of my time trying to find the point where everything went wrong. […]

[✍] [Psy+] Jess’ letter (1)

…to the place of which you spoke. At first there were two suns in the sky, but soon they were gone. The orbits of the planets… I watched them drifting apart, and no fate worked here (the laws of celestial mechanics didn’t either). Starlight… in this place everything disappears, turns […]