[✍] Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013!

[✍] Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013!

New Moon. Sun is in Aquarius, and my friends and I are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year tonight.

Here is a picture and a small reminder for myself and friends.

風水: Red is for love and transformation, Black for mystery and protection.

iPad is for creativity and communication.

Red colour may seem to be out of place here, as the year of the Snake is blue, green and black. But I want some red, because we are going to celebrate.

Year of the Snake is for self-culture. To work patiently and jerk-free… (Not really the way I am used to work… oh well.)

Dragon is the power of giving, he leans toward spontaneity and favors to blitz projects. Under his patronage many find themselves showered by benefits, which were not well-deserved because of their personal qualities or behaviors. Snake restores justice, removes the excess, and sometimes takes it all away.

We will see.

(By the way, does it mean that I have to make up my mind, find the Snake Charmer video and finish it?)

In the meantime, here is the music related the topic:

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