[✍] Don’t Panic. Play Bach.

[✍] Don’t Panic. Play Bach.

This is an archive picture: my Roland JP-8000 (in uncharacteristic colors, and I do not remember why I did so; the original file is lost), and my old mobile phone. The Vodafone number on the display is the one I used to have in Germany.

All this was photographed just before my trip to Frankfurt in 2007. The picture was published in my LJ for my German friends whom I was going to meet at Musikmesse.

The emoticons are new, though.

That trip was very special. In many ways.

I wrote new music before the trip and took my Etherwave theremin to Frankfurt.

The trade show was just wonderful, and I met my friends. And after that I went to Cologne to visit the Cologne Cathedral and shoot a video clip.

These games with the past require more energy than I expect to spend. But the clip needs to be done, and there is no other way but to “send hello” to 2007 and ask if everything is OK.
~ #runology

Played Bach today and am going to listen to more Bach:

Edward Artemiev – Solaris Theme

J.S. Bach – BWV 639 – Ich ruf’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ
f-moll BWV 639

Aus dem „Orgelbüchlein” (BWV 599-644)

Update: Dream 17 video is published.

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