Dance With The Ghost (playlist)

Dance With The Ghost (playlist)

My «Dance With The Ghost» set was conceived as a soundtrack for a performance planned for the theater festival. Genre: electronic experimental music, sound collages, sound art, ambient.

The «Dance With The Ghost» set was released on Myspace in 2008 (Internet release only).

Instruments used: Moog Etherwave (Spooky Theremin and Snake Charmer tracks), Alesis Air Synth (Eclipse track), Yamaha DX7, Ensoniq TS-12, Roland JP-8000, software synthesizers (Native Instruments, Arturia, Antares Kantos), Lev Korolev’s theremin (Merlin track).

Guitar solo on Snake Charmer by Izurus*.

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  1. Astra Naza

    Hello! Great concept! Are you going to post more tracks from this set?


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