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[✍] Argonika: info

Information about Argonika is gradually being moved to this website. (I have already done the same on Facebook by merging Argonika’s page with my own). The reason is that I want to collect all my musical projects in one place, as it is tedious to maintain multiple websites. Argonika was […]

[✍] Psychoactive (Playlist Update)

My work in progress is entering a very important stage. Generic track names («Paysages Sonores number xx”) are transforming into something more definite. Some have already been transformed, and it’s time to do the same for the rest of them. Now it is clear to me how many tracks I […]

[✍] Frontier Worlds: Origins (music)

Nesarg Ltd. have just released a game for smartphones and tablets, Frontier Worlds: Origins, for which I wrote music earlier this year. Watch the official trailer:   Frontier Worlds: Origins works on iOS and Android devices and is available for purchase on Apple App Store and Amazon. A free version […]

Runology CD is available on

Helga’s Ephemeris — Runology (CD) is available on — as an Audio CD — also as MP3 downloads. Listen to the full album: Helga’s Ephemeris — Runology Information about the album: — genre: electronic experimental music — instruments: theremin, synths, samples — written, recorded and mixed by Elena Stepanova (Helga’s Ephemeris).

Dance With The Ghost (playlist)

My «Dance With The Ghost» set was conceived as a soundtrack for a performance planned for the theater festival. Genre: electronic experimental music, sound collages, sound art, ambient. The «Dance With The Ghost» set was released on Myspace in 2008 (Internet release only). Instruments used: Moog Etherwave (Spooky Theremin and […]

Helga’s Ephemeris: Runology

Helga’s Ephemeris Runology is a compilation of electronic experimental tracks that were composed, recorded and produced by Elena Stepanova between 1999 and 2006. Musically it is a mixture of electronic psychedelia, sound experiments and ethnic vibes. Theremin solos, weird sound effects, sci-fi and mystery themes, eerie synthesizer voices — all […]

Amber Sketches

Amber Sketches: music themes by Elena Stepanova (Helga’s Ephemeris, Etherstrings), written for Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber and other novels (“The Chronicles Of Amber”). This is a project in progress. You can listen to the tracks by clicking on the Play button below. There are some rought mixes included […]