[✍] The writing on the wall

[✍] The writing on the wall

… Saw a sign on the wall. The writing. In a literal sense. (The wall was virtual, though.)

These signs were letters, and they were formed into words.

And the words were:

Don’t be afraid to walk alone.

Live your own dream.

Put words into existence.

But first of all, make sure you exist.

Green is the color of inspiration, isn’t it?

At least for me it always was.

Art in its essence is mediumistic. (See Nikolai Medtner’s Notebooks. Medtner, however, did not like futurism… )

Auraworx’ sequence:

You can see the dancer spinning counterclockwise only if you look at her using your peripheral vision.

Sometimes I look this way at the world.

You know, it spins counterclockwise.

Especially today.

… Heard you say, “Forget it.”
No problem.
Just make sure you exist.
Because I don’t honestly think you do.

~ #auraworx

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