[✍] Tools of the trade

[✍] Tools of the trade

My tools of the trade:

  • audio + MIDI sequencer: Logic Pro 9;
  • DMC application for online music collaboration (Digital Musician Container);
  • software synths: Arturia (Minimoog V etc.), Native Instruments (Massive etc.);
  • hardware synths: Roland JP-8000, Korg Prophecy, theremins;
  • iPad apps: Camel Audio Alchemy Mobile, Moog Filtatron, Korg iMS-20, Animoog (and more).

Korg Prophecy and Roland JP-8000: both were released in 1996-1997, and at the time they were the first hardware synths based on physical modeling (i.e. the sound synthesis method is digital, but the algorithm simulates the way the analog synth works). Sonically Prophecy and JP-8000 are quite different though both have, for example, several presets that simulate sounds of Moog synthesizers. In general, Prophecy sounds more aggressive.

Korg Prophecy and Roland JP-8000

Korg Prophecy and Roland JP-8000

The following tracks are based on Roland JP-8000:

Helga’s Ephemeris — Feel You Near Me

Argonika — Rainbow Hunter

Animoog is a software synth for Apple iPad developed by Moog Music. The current version (v.2) offers a lot of new features, including the built-in 4-track recorder.

Animoog 2.0:

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