[✍] Roger Dean: “And the painting evolves out of the canvas…”

[✍] Roger Dean: “And the painting evolves out of the canvas…”

I’m always very interested to learn what well-known artists say about creativity as such, their own creative process, skill mastery and so on.

I noticed that, as a rule, I get inspired by the painters’ speeches, less so by musicians’. Perhaps this is because painters like to discuss other people’s works while musicians are often too fixated on themselves and their own masterpieces. In other words, artists, even very well-known, are often much more open.

Today I came across an interview with Roger Dean, a well-known English artist who gained fame in the 70s making album covers for music bands (for example, Yes). He says you need to get rid of “thinking.” That is, to get rid of the mental flow that inevitably damages your creative channel and evokes your anxiety about your work.

He also says:

You have to learn to care, but not to worry. And then the ideas will do their job for you.
~ Roger Dean

I really like this interview. I find it very inspiring.

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