[✍] My dream synths ♫♬

[✍] My dream synths ♫♬

On the picture above: Moog Theremini + AlphaSphere + Minimoog Voyager.

Moog Theremini (top row, left) is the first theremin in the history of electronic music that combines the traditional non-contact method of playing with the built-in Animoog software synthesizer, pitch correction, range and scale selection and. It plays magical sounds. Theremini was first shown at the NAMM show earlier this year. I think that this theremin is just perfect!


Nu Desine AlphaSphere is an alternative controller, made in the form of a sphere. Its surface is basically a set of sensors arranged to play notes. (Also, AlphaSphere’s internal lighting changes colour when the instrument is played.) This instrument was introduced just a couple of years ago. AlphaSphere and Theremini are quite different, of course. However, I am sure both of them will fit perfectly into my music studio.


Minimoog Voyager is a modern version of a legend, and it hardly needs to be introduced. I used to think that I could do without this synth, and I did do without it using Arturia Minimoog V… But the idea to own a hardware Minimoog is quite appealing. 🙂

I wrote a lot about Moog synths so if you are interested in learning more, please visit my other website, www.1000tracks.ru, which is dedicated to music technologies.

Minimoog Voyager XL:

So, these three synths are on my wishlist! 🙂

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