[✍] Auraworx: Cleanup Time

[✍] Auraworx: Cleanup Time

… “All of your experimentation with time,” Jess said. “Tell me why it was necessary to call to the past?”

It was the conversation we held yesterday. We have been visiting his sister, drinking tea, listening to music (“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, of course), and Jess quoted John Lennon on feminism and star fever. Then he put the «Double Fantasy» LP on.

“I guess I was trying to connect the dots.”

“But instead you got into a time loop.”

“The music is stored in the past. I can not just leave it there.”

“Oh. Of course, this is the reason.” Jess nodded.

The second song began to play, but he jumped up from his seat to put the needle at the beginning of the next one, «Cleanup Time».

Moonlight on the water,
Sun light on my face

We listened, and I thought that these lines never let me down. They won’t now.

“You’re in a time loop,” Jess repeated. “It’s time to get out of this loop. Only you can do it.”

I knew he was right (because he is always right). Still, I asked:

“When did it happen?”

“You know when.”

“I’ll go out of it, Jess. It’s just a matter of time.”

“No,” he said. “It’s not a matter of time. It’s a question of intention.”

He stood up, walked over to the player, turned the plate and put “Watching The Wheels” on.

“Time to contemplate is over. Make yourself a gift. Get yourself on an information diet. Turn off the phone, Skype, whatever you have. Switch everything off. And very quickly you will learn how little the world cares about you. First you will feel uncomfortable, but once you get used to it you will realize that it’s really good. Well, at least that it is a useful condition.”

“And for how long should I do it?” I asked. It is my birthday soon, and I do not want to disconnect from the world at this moment.

“How do I know?”

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