[✍] Assemblage point: Dream 18

[✍] Assemblage point: Dream 18

(Jess is an astrologer, mystic, and hippie. We have been friends for a long time. We always have something to talk about. For example, today…)

… To be a seer is to see things as they are.
And it’s not that hard. But it is much harder when you do not know what to do with your visions. And you usually do not know.

“I see well,” I said, just in case.

“You have this ability,” Jess agreed.

…in the chaos of thoughts, feelings and contradictions generated by ego games, when people think one thing, say another, and make a third
when no truth is true, and visions dissolve in reluctance
when there are many versions but all lead to nowhere
when the truth is no use to anybody, including you

just one second – and everything is gone
when you say to yourself: I don’t believe anymore
and no one would say it was a mistake

This song has been sounding in my head from the end of October
but I still find it weird that it came true so literally

“Was it just a dream?” I asked to clarify.

“Of course,” Jess said after a pause. Then he added quietly and aloof: “Just a dream.”

“Good, you are not saying that I did not see anything.”

There was silence, as if he could not grasp who I was.

“It was a dream that came true. The usual thing, isn’t it?”

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